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A La Carte Menu

Our menu provides you with a variety of options to pick and choose what you want for your event. We understand that each event is unique, so no matter if you want to add Lighting, or need an audio connection for your event  - we can help. At the end of the day, our job is to provide you with exactly what you want so that your entertainment needs are covered.


Multimedia DJ Booth

From $450

Includes a visually appealing and well-equipped DJ booth where the DJ will perform.
Professional Sound System
A high-quality sound system is crucial for delivering clear and immersive audio to the audience.


Equipment Quantity Available Price 
Moving Sm Spot Lights
Small spotlights can add a dynamic and engaging visual element to your events, enhancing the overall experience for your audience. Here are some tips and considerations for using small spotlights effectively 
Lg Spot/Gobos  Lights 
These are powerful lights that can project patterns or shapes onto surfaces. They're often used to create dynamic lighting effects on dance floors or walls.
Sm Gobo Lights 
These are similar to the larger spot/gobo lights but likely smaller in size, providing more localized lighting effects.
Wireless Uplights
Uplights are lights placed on the ground around the venue that can be used to illuminate walls or other architectural features. Wireless functionality provides flexibility in placement. 
16$250 per 8 used 
Extra TV Screens
Incorporating extra TV screens into your setup can add a visually captivating and engaging element to your DJ performance or event. 
Bubble Machine
Bubbles can create a fun atmosphere and enhance the overall experience for your audience.
Smoke Machine
Smoke machines produce a mist or fog that can make lighting effects more prominent and create an immersive environment.
Sparklers can be visually stunning, especially when synchronised with your music and lighting effects.
Low lying fog Machine 
A low-lying fog machine, also known as a ground fog machine, produces a dense and eerie fog that hugs the ground, creating a unique and atmospheric effect.
2$295 per Machine
Light Truss Towers
Truss towers are structures that hold and elevate lighting equipment, creating a more dynamic and impactful lighting display.
4$100 per Tower
Video Monogram 
A video monogram is a personalised visual element that can be projected onto our front screen. This could include the couple's initials, event logo, or other customised graphics.
1$100 per Show
Microphones are essential for announcements, interact with the audience, and potentially for speeches or other live performances during the event.
6$100 per set
Attendants can play a crucial role in ensuring that your event runs smoothly and that all the technical aspects are properly managed.
Smoke & Bubble Machine with LED Wash Coming Soon
3-in-1 effect unit that combines a smoke machine, bubble machine, and LED wash light. 
Vertical Fog Machine w/RGB LED Coming Soon
The combination of vertical fog emission and RGB LED lights enables you to create various captivating effects. For instance, you can mimic lava flows, cascading waterfalls, or even create an otherworldly atmosphere that feels like walking through a misty forest.
48cm Glow Foam Stick Flashing Light Rave Party
LED foam sticks for concert,clubs,nightlife,raves,parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties,weddings,and any other night time event!
These LED Foam Sticks are used at many clubs all over the world

per Head$3 

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